Traditional Japanese massage, in the former exchange by the Chinese businessmen brought to the East. Although this argument has not been clearly confirmed, but even the Japanese medical experts also admitted that Japanese massage and Chinese massage techniques are striking similar. However, the massage therapist kneeling on the back of the experience with a knee massage, etc. is still very Japanese style. ? massage time 60 to 90 minutes ? main effect – analgesia when you have headache, back pain, low back pain, menstrual pain and other troubles, the choice of Japanese massage is very appropriate, can be directly through the muscle stretch reflex spasm, relieve pain symptom. (Other effects – to improve skin color, relieve muscle fatigue, improve the body’s immune system, to prevent aging of the blood vessels) ? massage details In order to avoid scratching the skin, massage therapist usually massage before the massage on the oil. Massage with finger pulp, palms or knees operation, with their support, the use of body weight rather than the wrist force vertical down to press or friction, do not use the swing class action. Massage the process of massage will be evenly and slowly increase the intensity, not intense and intense afterburner.