Modern work pressure, whether it is sitting in front of the computer all day, or go out and run around, long-term down can not help back pain; plus exercise time and less muscle more and more tight, all kinds of pain followed. Many people then use the free time to SPA hall or community massage shop stretch bones, temporarily away from the trouble and pressure.

However, massage, massage, SPA, what are the three different?

Analysis 1: massage that is massage

Massage or massage has a long history, basically originated in Chinese medicine therapy. Tang Dynasty, Tai Chi has set up massage department. Qing Dynasty “medical gold Kam”, the injury will be divided into “touch, then, end, mention, push, take, press, Mount” and other eight ways. It can be seen in ancient China, massage therapy is a very mature Chinese medicine knowledge, but later in the mixed use of the noun, they gradually formed a “massage”, “massage” and other terms. Evolved so far, the current society is known as the “massage” and “massage”, in fact, refers to the same kind of folk remedies.

Resolution 2: SPA from European aristocratic society The term SPA is derived from the abbreviation of the Latin “Solus Par Aqua”, meaning “health through water”, which is called “spa”. SPA refers to the use of water combined with bathing, massage, apply care products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, to meet people’s vision, touch, smell, hearing and thinking, to achieve a kind of physical and mental enjoyment. SPA This leisure and beauty style from the 16th century in southern Belgium, a natural hot spring called SPAU (Spa) town, the original refers to the spa center. After the 18th century began to rise in the European aristocracy, as the aristocracy leisure, physical fitness of the first choice; the end of the 20th century in Europe and the United States civil society has set off a SPA boom; and in the early 21st century into the Asian countries.