Massage refers to the physical contact through the skin under the back of the muscle or stretch the behavior to clear the meridians, slip joints, to promote blood operation, adjust the organs function, enhance the body resistance to disease, so as to achieve the purpose of healing pain. Chinese massage can be divided into “shiatsu massage” and “massage”, both based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine evolved. Acupressure focuses on “pinching” and pressing points; and massage is focused on “push”, “stretch” and “knead” muscles. Massage is one of the most commonly used techniques for Chinese massage. In China, acupuncture and massage with the subject, the theoretical basis is roughly the same, referred to as “needle push.” If the physical structure changes, massage is more effective than acupuncture. Shiatsu massage and massage

Chinese Massage Effect:

Relieve chronic pain, muscle soreness and tightness Improve the posture problem Reduce physical and psychological stress, ribbon and physical and mental tension Promote metabolism and blood circulation To help recover from injury (eg falls, sports injuries, sprains, etc.) Stretch ligaments and tendons to improve muscle flexibility Stimulate visceral function, skin and nervous system Stimulate tissue healing process Eliminate chronic edema and hematoma Improve repetitive strain (eg carpal tunnel syndrome)