Subject is different

First of all health massage service venues to blind massage therapist as the main body, can be called blind health massage center, blind health massage room (room). The second difference is that the approval of the business unit is different. Blind health massage business approval authority in the Trade and Industry Bureau and the CDPF, the masseurs need to be professionally trained, and get the job certificate issued by the Labor Bureau. And open the clinic’s approval authority is the Health Bureau, the masseurs do not only need undergraduate education, but also through the national examination, to obtain medical practice Method is different

Method is different

Medical massage, also known as massage therapy, injury massage, is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods, but also the oldest one of the main application of massage to achieve the purpose of medical therapy. Health massage is to use massage to health care of one of the traditional Chinese medicine health care methods to health-based disease prevention and treatment, supplemented by injuries. Chinese traditional health massage is mainly massage the meridian, acupuncture points, and now develop to direct massage or stimulate the joints, fascia, muscle, skin and so on. Health massage services are also increasing, including the body, local health massage, beauty slimming massage, pediatric massage, sports massage, massage equipment and so on. Do it takes 40 to 80 minutes for a body care massage and 15 to 40 minutes for a local massage.

Health care is a branch of health care, mainly to lift the guests fatigue, including mental fatigue and physical fatigue, so that guests from the psychological and physical get enough to relax. People sometimes feel uncomfortable because of prolonged work and learning when the body posture improperly. Often do health massage, it is conducive to get through the body meridians, clear blood, conditioning organs, balance yin and yang, to achieve the effect of disease prevention and fitness. Do health massage can diagnose the disease? The answer is: can “diagnosis” and not “off”. The massage therapist may find the patient’s physical illness during the massage, but does not provide treatment, but to guide the guests to the hospital. Therefore, the blind health massage institutions can only be regarded as a health service place, rather than medical units.

Specific efficacy

Harbin Medical University Affiliated First Clinical Medical College, director of physical therapy Professor Rong Jingnan said that foot massage is a valuable legacy of traditional medicine, medical books records, “people have feet, still tree roots, tree roots first Exhaust, the old foot first decline. And folk also have “all diseases from the cold, cold from the foot of Health” argument. “Foot is the second heart”, foot massage is a self-care method, but not the same as medical massage, which involves a lot of medical knowledge, which is non-health technical staff difficult to grasp a short time. Rong Jingnan pointed out that the current market under the banner of “Chinese medicine” under the banner of non-medical institutions there are many, most of which are not formal, employing personnel have not received systematic training, it is difficult to correctly grasp and use of traditional Chinese medicine massage massage , And even cause serious harm to consumers. The Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine recently issued a “notice on the management of activities such as traditional Chinese massage and massage,” clearly stipulates that non-medical institutions can engage in health-related massage and other activities, but prohibit medical activities, Can not use the “foot” signs, you can use the “foot bath”, shall not promote the role of treatment.