Japan has a middle-aged aunt called “hand”, her hand can make all the women’s Mimi bigger! Her name is Shindo Takiko.

Shindo Takiko is a Japanese midwife

But also the director of Healthy Living Research Institute

Maternal and Child Health Research Council

As well as members of the Ayurveda Society

Light these titles are very powerful look. The most important thing is that she also rub over 30,000 people bra!

Shindo Takiko’s grandmother and mother are also midwives!

It seems that this breast is with the ancestral secret recipe color.

Of course, has more than 60 years old her chest is still very dynamic.Because her reputation, many programs have invited her to go to the girls massage.

Running on ABC Asahi “Oh!? ? Yan ? ? ? ? “program, Shindo Takiko more like a child to show a little massage method.

But how to massage the chest?

Not just rubbing with no method.

The first, soothing chest side, about 5-10 times.

The second part, the chest to the direction of the vertical and horizontal push and pull. About 10-15 times.

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